Logo Special Olympics

Rembrandtin is sponsoring Special Olympics 2020 in Austria

“Let me win! However, if I can’t win, then let me try bravely.” This is the oath of the Special Olympics Austria. The Special Olympics 2020 will take place end of January in Carinthia, Austria and give mentally disabled people the chance to achieve remarkable success in sports, since 1989. This year Rembrandtin is once more one of the sponsors of the games. Soon all athletes will give their best. A giant clock on the city hall in Villach is counting down the days until the opening day with the famous torch run.

End of January 1.000 athletes, supported by 500 coaches, are keen on showing what they have been training for. 10 different kinds of sport will be represented, figure skating, speed skating, floorball, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, cane sports, dancing and MATP (Motor Activity Training Program – sports program for people with high and very high mental disabilities). It doesn’t matter if you are a spectator, a friend, a fan, a family member, a media representative or a sponsor, we are all coming to cheer them on.