Rollover thest demonstrates time and again: The REMO 2000 series remains unrivalled when it comes to stress! Its extreme durability and high visibility also in dark and wet conditions make it the first choice for motorways and high traffic areas in the city. For our customers we also develop individual colour solutions.

Red-white-red protective paths – more safety on pedestrian crossings

Thanks to their reflective surface, crosswalks are easily visible at night in the headlight. But most accidents on pedestrian crossings happen during the day! After all, this is when pedestrians feel particularly safe. In order to increase the daytime visibility of zebra crossings, Rembrandtin has developed a concept that ideally meets the numerous requirements for road marking for protection zones.


Multi-dot Straßenmarkierung auf Asphalt

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Solvent-free cold plastic material with premix beads for manual processing of markings that are subject to very high loads or when a long service life is expected. Protective paths and traffic signs in urban areas are typical applications. Good flow properties and fast reaction times characterize this material. The recommended layer thickness for this material is 2000–3000 μm.
Colours: white, yellow, red, blue, black

For structure markings with high and long lasting night visibility in wet conditions. Cold plastic compound with premix beads and mostly machine-processed. Therefore REMO 2000 EQ structure is available as 99:1 and 3K system. Random, regular dots, ribbed or full line markings are typical applications for this material, which supports all types of installation. From 2 mm layer thickness.
Colours: white, yellow, red, blue, black

Is a solvent-free multi-component cold plastic for highly elastic, large-area coating of cycle paths from a layer thickness of 1.5 mm. Other colours are available on request for the colour design of traffic areas. By using suitable bedding materials, it is also possible to produce high grip coverings.
Colours: white, yellow, red, blue, green, black and on customer request.

Cold-curing 2-component cold plastic with premix grip agent for road coating from a layer thickness of at least 1.5 mm.
Colours: red, white, other colours on request.