Remosil Titanium CUI covers the entire temperature range up to 650 °C and also provides perfect corrosion protection. The technology hardens via the 2K system by means of hardener even at room temperature and is especially suitable for CUI. Cross-linking via temperature (at least 1 hour above 250°C) is not necessary. Remosil Titanium CUI therefore works even if the component is never heated above 200°C.

Temperature-resistant coatings (Remoplast HS-EP Primer up to 200°C, Remosil OM 101 up to 400°C, Remosil OM 500 up to 500°C, Remosil S Alu up to 600°C and Remosil Titanium up to 650°C) are used for components exposed to temperatures of 125 to 650°C. Even if the components do not become as hot during operation. For these components, it is important that the coating system cross-links even without temperature and is fully resistant to corrosion, environmental influences and temperature.

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