The chromium-free electrostrip coating for grain-oriented electrical steel

EB 5320 is an inorganic coating of class C5-G according to ASTM 976 and serves as electrical insulation for grain-oriented steel, which is mainly used in the production of transformers. This chromium-free coating is water-dilutable and belongs to the one-component coatings. REMISOL EB 5320 creates a tensile stress of the insulation layer to the substrate. In addition to its good electro-insulating properties, this product provides a hydrolysis and corrosion resistance comparable to previously-used chromate containing solutions.

The product is available as a clear or pigmented version. The pigmentation achieves a homogeneous appearance of the coated electrical steel desired by many steel manufacturers and from utmost importance for a high quality transformer coating. Without any loss of quality, the one-component system has a shelf life of months and is suitable as an environmentally friendly alternative fore an energy efficient production of transformers.

Product advantages at a glance

  • water-dilutable one-component coating
  • chromium-free
  • produces a high tensile stress on the electrical steel strip 
  • coating thickness range: 2-4μm

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