The sector of Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving equipment (ACE) is very diverse and places high demands on the coating. Agricultural vehicles, equipment and machinery as well as construction vehicles and machinery are exposed to the most extreme conditions. UV radiation, weathering, abrasion and heavy soiling have an effect on the vehicles and equipment. High corrosion protection, excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, abrasion resistance as well as weather and UV resistance are the essential properties of ACE coatings. Our product portfolio is prepared for each and every requirement in the agricultural sector and the construction industry.

As part of the Helios-Group, we have access to a broader product range. In addition to the classic wet paint solutions, we offer you powder coatings and paints for cathodic dip painting (E-Coat) in a complete package. This makes us your coating system supplier for small parts, agricultural trailers as well as giant trucks, tractors, combine harvesters and other construction and agricultural vehicles.