Protective App: New feature and now available for iOS!

We have added another useful feature to our protective coating app. The new calculator enables you to calculate the VOC value and your consumption in seconds. Select the desired product, enter the required coating thickness and you will immediately receive your VOC value and coating consumption.

This way you can save even more time with the improved app and experience a whole new kind of flexibility.

Click here through the app online or open it on your smartphone.

About Rembrandtin Protective

Rembrandtin Protective helps you to plan your protective coatings projects. Once the basic conditions are fixed, the app finds the coating system tailored to your needs in just a few seconds. Included are atmospheric systems, coatings for steel surfaces exposed to permanent water or temperature, surface-tolerant primer coatings and RVS systems. Detailed product information on the respective system can also be seen in the app. The app is up-to-date according to the standard EN ISO 12944-5:2018.

Jetzt bei Google Play
Jetzt bei Google Play