Schulklasse vor dem Rembrandtin Firmengebäude in Wien

Rembrandtin going back to school

Rembrandtin compares coating process to baking a cake for school class

Why are there multiple layers when coating? Do I know everyday things or vehicles which use coatings by Rembrandtin, and why is a coating necessary? Those and more questions were answered when the second-grade elementary school St. Franziskus, from the third district in Vienna, visited the company in the morning of June 12, 2019.

The children didn’t know what to expect when they heard this trip is going to be about coatings, therefore, we found a playful way to introduce them to this rather complex topic. After a short presentation of the company itself we started to ask some questions: Do the children know some of Rembrandtin’s clients, for example ÖBB, the Ferris Wheel in Vienna or the Headquarters of ÖAMTC? What kind of experiences do they have and what do they associate with those clients? This was one of the most important questions, because like this the children were able to connect their everyday live, for example the Ferris Wheel, with the company’s products.

In addition to those questions we asked for ideas why they think coatings are important for those things and products? Do they think its only use is to create a shiny surface, to make the final product more beautiful or maybe even to provide extra protection? Our visitors had a lot of different and creative ideas, but the question arose: How does the coating process work? Mrs. Schutting, Mr. Breitenwieser and Mr. Riedel came up with the perfect comparison, baking a cake. The coating process resembles the process of layering a cake’s filling, layer by layer.

To give the children a better insight on how this exactly works, we continued after a short break, with a guided tour through the company’s premises. Especially the laboratory and the production centre caught our visitor’s attention – there was so much to explore. An important point during the tour were the safety instructions that everyone had to follow to maintain a good workflow. After all these information the children got an exercise. With brushes and a lot of different colours they could use their creativity and imagination to create a 10-meter-long poster to the subject “summer and vacation”. The result turned out to be great:

For the way home, we provided a goodie-bag. The children of class 2b from St. Franziskus elementary school left Rembrandtin after an interesting morning with a smile and the team of Rembrandtin is looking forward to welcoming the future generation.