Rembrandtin awarded with amaZone Award 2022

Outstanding commitment to integration and training of female apprentices

Together with her apprentice representative Karin Schutting, Isabel Höcht, third year apprentice, received the “amaZone-Award 2022” in the category small and medium-sized enterprises for Rembrandtin Coatings on May 11.

The award is presented to those companies that show outstanding commitment to the apprenticeship training of girls and young women in non-traditional occupations. The amaZone Award is an initiative of the “Sprungbrett for Girls” association. This year, the award was presented for the 26th time in a row.

The winning companies are selected by a jury of experts from the fields of labor market, economic and equality policy. A tour of the company and an interview took place before the jury meeting. In addition, the views of the trainees were ascertained on the basis of a questionnaire from girls. This rich source of information forms the basis for the selection of a panel of experts.

50 years of experience and commitment to apprenticeship training

An apprenticeship is only attractive if the quality of the training is right. Rembrandtin attaches great importance to this quality. For more than 50 years, Rembrandtin has been an apprenticing company whose apprentices benefit above all from the modern equipment at the site, the new technologies and the international network of experts throughout the coating group. In December 2018, Rembrandtin was recognized as a top apprentice company. “The amaZone award now also underscores Rembrandtin’s efforts to promote female employees in their training, especially in technical apprenticeships,” emphasizes apprentice representative Karin Schutting.

Photo (from left): Karin Schutting (Rembrandtin Coatings apprentice representative), Selma Taaima (2nd year apprentice), Isabel Höcht (3rd year apprentice) & Lisa Metzner (trainer) (© Rembrandtin Coatings)

Photo (from left): Karin Schutting (Rembrandtin Coatings apprentice representative), Isabel Höcht (3rd year apprentice) (© Rembrandtin Coatings)