Professional title Professor for Hubert Culik

By decree, Federal President Dr Alexander Van der Bellen has awarded Hubert Culik the professional title of Professor. This is in recognition of his outstanding success in his efforts to train and educate specialist personnel throughout the chemical industry. The decree was presented by Federal Minister Iris Rauskala.

Komm.R. Ing. Hubert Culik MAS, has been Managing Director of Rembrandtin Lack for many years and Executive Director of Kansai Helios Coatings GmbH. He is chairman of the Association of the Chemical Industry, president of the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology and president of the ZVÖ – Zentrum für Verkehrssicherheit Österreich. In recent years, Hubert Culik has made a significant contribution to the chemical industry, its positioning and further development. His commitment has led to the optimisation of regulations, the advancement of innovations, the realisation of cross-industry cooperation and, most recently, the opening of the first course of study for the training and further education of specialist personnel for the chemical industry at university level in Austria.

Hubert Culik knows how to impressively present the importance of the chemical industry and economy to the public. Numerous national and international lectures, publications, guest commentaries, forewords and editorial contributions give impressive evidence of his creative, research and teaching activities and his concern to demonstrate the responsibility of the chemical industry in the field of tension between increasing scarcity of raw materials, digitalisation and real economic demands of society.