Rembrandtin coatings protect historical Otto Wagner bridges in Vienna

The historic bridges designed by Otto Wagner lend an unmistakable charm to the cityscape of Vienna. Today’s subway system developed from the light rail system designed by Otto Wagner. Many of the bridges are around 150 years old and are listed as historic monuments. Their preservation is at the same time the preservation of a long Austrian history.

“Protecting values” is a core task of our corrosion protection systems. Therefore Rembrandtin corrosion protection coatings are also used in the renovation of historic bridges in Vienna. ÖBB has been relying on Rembrandtin quality for years. Together with our partner Sepero, many bridges have already been renovated and shine in a new light. Currently renovation work is starting on the listed Otto Wagner Bridge in Vienna Hernals. This bridge is part of one of the busiest railroad lines in Austria. The corrosion protection system according to RVS will be used to ensure the best possible corrosion protection and a high-quality original appearance for the bridge.

Already in 2019 and 2020, two Otto Wagner bridges were protected by Sepero with Rembrandtin coatings and have since shone in new splendor. Sepero has documented the renovation of the ÖBB bridge Nussdorf in a Video.

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