Frau in Labor untersucht ihre Probe

Around 35 % of employees work in research and development. The experienced professionals develop the special properties of the product solutions to meet the requirements of the customers and the steadily rising demands of the industry.

Responsible for the environment

Environmental compatibility and sustainability have always played a central role in our company – especially in research and development. Rembrandtin focuses on environmentally compatible paint and coating systems with functions. Modern technologies, such as high solid coatings, are used.

In 2012 Rembrandtin was the first Austrian company to receive the European Responsible Care Award “for outstanding achievements for the environment, a healthy future, or responsibility towards other people”.

Within the environmental statement of 2022 we present our diverse environmental measures in detail.


All subsidiaries of the HELIOS Group strive to act responsibly for the nature and to determine climate policy terms along the entire value chain. We face the climate change with a business model that helps us to reduce our environmental impact. HELIOS strives to improve the environmental performance and to develop a climate-neutral future. Within the initiative “WE TURN IT GREEN” the HELIOS Group concentrates on concrete “green” measures in the fields of products, production, sales and stakeholders from 2020.

Read more about the initiative here.

Kleiner Pflanzenspross mit dem "We turn it green"-Logo