“Designing Excellence”

Rembrandtin is a member of the KANSAI HELIOS Group, which has been part of one of the world´s leading paint and coating prodcures since 2017 – the KANSAI PAINT Group. High standards, comprehensive know-how, passion for innovation and continuous improvement are the environemtn in which KANSAI HELIOS coatings are created. With local production facilities in various countries and targeted sales activities, the group serves a global customer base.


KANSAI HELIOS values define our corporate culture and are the compass for our daily work. They form the basis for our actions. They inspire us to behave in a way that leads to excellence in all business processes. These values influence our cooperation with colleagues, partners and all stakeholders.

graphics KANSAI HELIOS values

One code for all: the KANSAI HELIOS Code of Conduct

The KANSAI HELIOS Code of Conduct reflects who we are and how we work. It represents our Group’s commitment to basic standards that ensure conditions for a good workplace.

At Rembrandtin and in any KANSAI HELIOS location, we are responsible for knowing and complying with the laws and regulations that apply to our business – in every situation. We strengthen our integrity and adhere to the highest ethical standards in all business processes. We brew trust and credibility.


KANSAI HELIOS Code of Conduct symbolic on a table