Road marking

Environmentally friendly and extremely durable markings
in use nationally and internationally for over seventy year

Founded in 1937, Rembrandtin Lack GmbH Nfg. KG is one of the leading producers of special coatings in the world. The road marking branch was already established in the 1960’s and has continually expanded since then. Presently a staff of about 145 work at Rembrandtin in research, consulting, production and management, in order to develop and produce quality products for a variety of requirements and to deliver them on time.

By focussing on long-term customer satisfaction, setting high standards for continuous improvements of our products, and achieving high environmental standards we became one of the leading producers in many countries across Europe. Today, we can offer  the complete range of marking solutions for every requirement. In addition to standard products, we offer to produce special solutions for our customers.

Single-component high solid marking paints
Single-component water-dilutable marking paints
Two-component epoxy-acrylic marking paint
Two-component solvent-free acrylic spray plastic
Two-component solvent-free acrylic cold plastic
Two-component epoxy marking materials