Frequently asked Questions

Which materials are produced by REMBRANDTIN?

Marking paints, cold spray plastic systems and cold plastics are our most important products. You will find an overview in our Download brochure.

Does REMBRANDTIN offer solvent-free systems for floor marking?

Yes, our solvent-free systems are Cold Plastic REMO 2000 and Cold Spray Plastics REMO P, REMO P DUAL and REMO 401.

Does REMBRANDTIN offer water-based marking materials?

Yes, REMHYDROACRY REMO A is a water-based dispersion

What are low solvent marking materials?

Our High-Solid marking paints of the product family REMO 100 are regarded as low solvent

What are HIGH-SOLID marking paints?

High Solid marking paints are low solvent systems, that have a solid content of at least 75%.

Am I allowed to apply road markings myself?

In most cases road markings are regulated by legal provisions. Therefore road markings can only be applied to public roads with the approval of the responsible authorities. For example, in Vienna the MA28 is responsible for this. These restrictions do not apply in the private sector.

Which application devices are suitable for marking materials?

Depending on the type of material, there are a variety of special machines for the application of road markings. Simple tasks can also be carried out manually with a paint roller. We recommend to contact a professional to carry out the work. If you have any specific questions on the subject, please send us an email to roadmarking@rembrandtin.com.

What do I have to consider when transporting marking paints?

The regulations of the ADR must definitely be observed.
Our delivery notes or the safety data sheets contain all necessary and relevant information for the transport.

Are marking materials toxic or harmful?

No, our marking materials are neither toxix nor harmful. Nevertheless, workers must use personal protective equipment when handling the materials.

Where can I buy marking materials?

Some dealers also offer suitable materials for small jobs in the private sector.

We recommend to contact specialist firms to carry out the marking work. However we can also name suitable partners to perform road markings for you. For this purpose, please contact us at strassenmarkierung@rembrandtin.com.


I did not find my question here

Rembrandtin is the specialist for road markings materials. We are happy to assist you. Send us an email: roadmarking@rembrandtin.com.