High-temperature resistant systems

Coating solutions in many colours for wood-burning stoves, flue pipes, and hotplates that withstand all temperatures - for example, our premium Thermodur 600 ASS.

Rembrandtin Lack GmbH Nfg. KG, founded in 1937, is one of the leading speciality coatings producers worldwide. For many years, major manufacturers around the world producing appliances exposed to heat have been relying on the coatings innovations of Rembrandtin. With the THERMODUR range, we provide you with the perfect coating in best quality for every high-temperature appplication.

In addition to their specific properties, all our THERMODUR coatings have one thing in common: They open up previously undreamt-of possibilities for your product design. For our customers, the Rembrandthin research department develops the basis of tomorrow's product innovation today.

THERMODUR. Because life is colourful.

Electric and gas heating appliances
wood- burning stoves, fireplace, fireplace inserts and flue pipes
Toasters, waffle irons and other household appliances
Hot plates