Hot plates

Thermodur hotplate lacquers

This high temperature resistant silicon single-coat lacquering system has been developed specifically for the special requirements in the hotplate industry and convinces through exceptional resistance to abrasion. Thermodur hotplate lacquers can be stressed continuously up to 600°C. For the red spot in the middle, which identifies that hotplate which gets hot fastest, we also have a suitable marking colour in the range. Because we develop solutions for you, which not only make life colourful, but also easier.

Thermodur Hot-Plate Coating

Thermodur Hot-Plate Coating

Heat and abrasion-resistant modified silicone single-coat system, temperature resistant up to 650°C.

Colours: Available in black, anthracite and grey

Hotplate coatings

This high-temperature resistant silicone single-coat system was developed to meet the specific requirements of the hotplate industry and shows exceptional resistance to abrasion. Thermodur hotplate coatings are resistant to continuous exposure to temperatures of up to 600°C.

Thermodur Marking Paint

Thermodur Marking Paint

Modified silicone resin-based marking paint, abrasion-resistant at heat exposure up to 650°C.

Colours: Available in red

Marking Paint – for the hot spot

Our product range includes a suitable marking colour for the red spot identifying the rapid hotplate. Because we develop solutions making your life not only more colourful but also easier.