Our Company History

Innovation and tradition

Foundation of the Company

The Rembrandtin Lack Ges.m.b.H. Nfg. KG of today can trace its origins back to a small paint factory in nearby Donaufelderstrasse.

The founder, Julius Seidler, acquired the small paint factory from the Dutch company Varossieau & Cie in the year 1937.

The company name was inspired by the Old Master Rembrandt, as in the 1940's his image featured on the paint cans fo what is today Rembrandtin Lack.

Rembrandtin – represented at 25 locations worldwide.


Our history in chronological order


  • 1937 Julius Seidler acquires a small paint factory from the Dutch company Varossieau & Cie in Donaufelderstrasse.
  • 1947 Inspired by a label showing the famous painter, Rembrandt, the paint factory now trades under the name Rembrandtin Lackfabrik Julius Seidler.
  • 1967 Generational change in Rembrandtin. Helmuth Seidler joins in the company of his father and continues his work.
  • 1981  Helmuth Seidler becomes managing director of the company.
  • 1982 National Coat of Arms Award
  • 1987 Decision to build the new paint factory           
  • 1989 On completion of the 11-month construction work, the modern plant is inaugurated in the presence of leading personalities from the world of politics and business.
  • 1990 Environment-Oscar Award
  • 1993 ALTANA Chemie AG buys through the former mother company RHENANIA Werke the majority stake in Rembrandtin.
  • 1994 Awarded with the Responsible Care Certficate and the Environment Pirze of Wiener Wirtschaft.
  • 1995 ISO 9001, Environmental Manager of the Month
  • 1998 Eco Audit / ISO 14001
  • 1999 Austrian Environmental Award
  • 2000 Austrian Environmental Award
  • 2006 After a successful business year in 2005, the Ring International Holding takes over the entire interest from EK Mittelstandsfinanzierungs AG. The aim is to position Rembrandtin even better in its core markets and expand in all sectors.  
  • 2009 Divestment of the following enterprises:
    Rembrandtin S.r.o., Brno/Czech Republic  
  • 2013 Establishment of Rembrandtin Germany