Environment & Quality

 We are committed to sustainable development



Commitment to active environmental protection has been demonstrably embedded in the company's history for many years. This continuity combined with modern management methods made it possible to establish and live a special corporate culture. Our ecological, economical and social responsibility values are anchored in the environmental statement of Rembrandtin and lived by all Rembrandtin employees. This environmental statement reflects Rembrandtin´s dialogue with stakeholders and the public regarding important environment topics and panned measurements for environmental protection. 

Environmental protection plays an importan role also in R&D: Rembrandtin focuses on the formulation of functional and environmentally compatible paint and coating systems using modern high solid, solvent-free and radiation curing technologies. Around 35 % of employees work in research and development. The experienced professionals develop the special properties of the product solutions to meet the requirements of the customers and the steadily rising demands of the industry. In this context preserving sustainability is of major importance – thus in 2012 Rembrandtin was the first Austrian company to receive the European Responsible Care award.

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